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  • You have a quotation in your email within 24 hours.
  • No prepay, you only pay after the position is filled.
  • Prices are set according to the demanding position. It is 1-2 times the salary of the candidate.
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We approach each company individually. First, we try to understand the company culture and current situation in the team. We find out in detail everything you expect from a candidate. We are interested in detailed job description and benefits or advantages that you can offer to candidates.


We also focus on the candidate’s personality – his behavior and motivation. We know that it is not just the candidate’s qualification that matters to create a comfortable working environment that moves your business forward. Equally important are his personal characteristics and ability to fit well with you.



We search for suitable candidates in our own databases, online databases and advertising. If you need to fill middle and senior management positions, we will find suitable candidates using executive search.


We will conduct the first round of interviews with them. We only present these candidates who have already interviewed by us. During the interview, we find out details about their education, practice and other abilities. We test their language skills or IT skills. Other tests can be performed on request.


We will then present you a presentation that will only show you the candidates best suited to the position. In the presentation you will find the date of their possible start, expected salary, professional experience, reasons for leaving the last job and our personal impression of the candidate.


Based on your decision, we will invite candidates for a personal interview to your company and arrange for any communication with them regarding feedback or other communications.

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